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The New Caledonia Technopole (ADECAL Technopole) was set up in late 2011 to respond to a demand - widely shared by the public authorities, tertiary education and reserach stakeholders and the corporate world - to use innovation as a leverage for economic development and diversification.

More specifically, its goals are about facilitating emergence of innovative projects and industries. Particularly through valorization of terrestrial and marine biological resources,...

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Our Poles

Expérimentation et transfert en aquaculture et biotechnologie marine


Marine pole

Optimisation et valorisation des agrosystèmes terrestres


Earth pole

Soutien à l’innovation et accompagnement aux projets à forte valeur ajoutée


Innovation pole

Détection et accompagnement des démarches de développement et d’innovation du secteur agroalimentaire


Agroalimentaire pole