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The Saint-Vincent CTA (Technical Centre for Aquaculture) is an experimentation and transfer tool. Its main goal is to assist the New Caledonia prawn farming industry and contribute to retturn it to eventual viability.

CTA main tasks are as follows:

  • Transferring research results to the private sector et identifying knwolegde gaps to be filled;
  • Running pilot tests in shrimp hatchery, grow-out and feeding;
  • Transferring results and protocols to the prawn farming industry to improce their profitability;
  • Developing a genetic selection program ;
  • Running tests and pilot schemes for aquaculture diversification.

Location: Aquaculture facilities include a hatachery, grow-out ponds and laboratories (the latters provided by the South Province) are located at Port Ouenghi, in the municipality of Boulouparis.

Crew: 10